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Home Staging Company in San Jose, CA

Experts in home selling knew the importance of home staging. When you want to sell a home, it is not just the bones of a house a seller needs to focus on but should also focus on the interior aesthetics, and yes, even the outside appearance of the house is important, as well.

It is tough to just focus on the built and the number of bedrooms a house has if the inside is not presentable.

If the house is in clutter, there are old furniture and appliances, not to mention loads of items that previous owners have that are still on display, this is the fastest way to discourage a buyer from even considering the house that you are selling.

A buyer needs to see the potential of a house for them to consider buying it. They need to see themselves living in that house and making it their own, for them to visualize the space and to have their family live in that space.

There are ways to stage your home, and the areas where you should focus on making the place more appealing.

The living room should get a sizeable chunk of the attention when you are staging a home since this is the area in the house where the family gathers and should not just be beautiful but also comfortable. The one to handle the staging can decorate with plants, get furniture that blends well together, remove the personal possessions of previous owners, get good lightings that will benefit all corners of the area, and make the room appear bigger than it is. Add d├ęcor and mirrors as it adds dimension and depth to any room.

The bedrooms are next and should appear cozy, comfortable, and relaxing with just the right splash of color to make the space highly attractive. Stay away from drab or dreary colors that will not attract any buyers, but focus on colors that will enhance the space, and will seem to invite any viewers. Colors such as Blue-Gray, Sea Blue, Pastel Purple, Neutral Beige, Sage Green, Dusty Pink, just to mention some samples.

Remove any furniture that only cramps the space, but rather pick furniture that will make the bedroom appear spacious. If you are to hang art pieces, choose one that will also add character to the charming bedroom.

Linen should also be tasteful and should match the color scheme of the room.

Storage space is important and is a wonderful addition to consider for the bedroom.

The kitchen and Dining area should be clean and must have ample room for storage. You should replace appliances that are no longer working with a new and modern piece. Organize what’s inside and make sure that as you place things and items in the storage space, everything is in order.

Organize countertops and remove what should not be there, then add the appliances required, such as toaster, microwave, or coffee maker. You can also add a vase of flowers on one corner to add a touch of color to your dining and kitchen area.

The bathroom gives potential buyers a quick impression and should be a positive one. Remove items such as personal items and used toiletries. Eliminate molds from the wall and the floor.

Walls can be painted a new and brighter color, floors should be replaced or if not, should be cleaned.

If the place is newly renovated, then that is as good as a clean slate for the staging. You only require the right appliances, furniture, and decor to make space come together and create an extra appealing home.

If it is not, then it requires an extra effort to make the house appear as welcoming and comfortable just like a newly built house with all the polished floor, a newly painted wall, and well-decorated rooms.

Some benefits of home staging include getting top offers from prospective buyers for the house. Even way more than what sellers are expecting.

It maximizes the space so the buyers can see the openness of the house. Professional stages can even make a small room appear spacious with just the right placement of the furniture and appliances, even chairs. They can create a perfect flow for your home, so any viewers will see its high potential.

Staging your home will help it stand out from other homes that are also for sale that when viewers come searching online, your home will be at the number one spot of the most searched house.

About San Jose

A city that is located southeast of San Francisco Bay and known for its mild and sunny weather. San Jose is also considered the third-largest city in the state. Nearby communities include Alum Rock, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Sunnyvale, and Campbell.

This is where the hub of Silicon Valley is found, where high-technology industries are manufactured, discovered, and developed. The city is highly focused on it, like computer hardware design, software production, manufacturing, and the development of the internet. Also, the city has healthy transportation, tourism industries, retail, real estate and there are continuous industrial developments in the city.

Some notable places to visit here include the San Jose Museum of Arts and Tech Museum of Innovation, The Winchester Mystery House, Peralta Adobe, Fallon House, and The Rosicrucian Park.

Well-known parks in the city are Alum Rock Park, which was built in 1872, then there is also Kelley Park.

San Jose also supports music, theatre, and dance organizations, as well as opera and ballet. Universities and Schools that are well known can be found here and include the University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford University.

The city also celebrates the holiday season with the traditional Christmas in the Park, where nearly half a million people visits and enjoy the five hundred decorated trees and animated displays seen at the Plaza de Cesar Chavez. The tradition started in the 1950s where it was celebrated at Willow Glen’s Lima Family Mortuary before they moved it to its current location in the 1980s.

The city has a very low crime rate, which makes it the sixth safest city in 2011 and is ideal for big or small families.