Benefits of Staging a Vacant Home

If you are looking to sell your home in San Jose, CA, you’ve probably heard of the option to stage it. Staging a vacant home is a great option for those looking to sell their property at a faster rate even while in a more competitive market. While initially done only by a few select realtors, throughout the country more and more sellers are looking into Home Staging as a way to present their property in the best possible light for potential buyers.

In this overview, we will be going over the many benefits that come with staging your home and why you should definitely consider implementing it in your house selling plans.

What is Vacant Home Staging

First, before we get into the benefits of staging one’s home, it’s a good idea to know just what it means to actually stage a vacant home and why it’s so important.

Vacant Home Staging is the process of using rented furniture and housing appliances in order to present your property in a more visually and aesthetically pleasing way to potential buyers. Rather than have an empty location, home stagers will add different types of interior items to give the appeal that the house is lived-in. This process ultimately has the goal of getting a buyer to more easily connect with the property than they would if the home were empty.

Benefits to Vacant Home Staging

There are numerous benefits to staging your vacant home for a potential buyer, many of them having very real and important effects on their mind to help them make a decision to buy the house rather than try somewhere else.

1. Visual Aid and Assistance

Buyers in San Jose often need assistance in properly conceptualizing a property to fit their personal and individual needs. For many, an empty room can, oftentimes, be difficult to envision any particular potential for how their own home would look.

By already having various pieces of furniture, artwork, rugs, and other forms of d├ęcor in the house, you are essentially doing the imagining for them so that they can more easily see themselves in the place.

2. More effectively envision Speciality Rooms

Similar to benefit #1, if a buyer is confronted with a room that is shaped differently than the standard “4 wall” bedroom, they can easily become confused as to its purpose. As such, open kitchen/dining rooms, odd-shaped office or gaming spaces, or potential dens may be difficult for a potential buyer to properly envision, ultimately resulting in them passing on the deal.

By having those rooms already displayed in a usable and functional setting, a buyer is much more likely to understand its overall use.

3. Settle their Apprehensions

No matter how well you work to fix a house unless you are willing to invest a small fortune on refurbishments, there will always be a few blemishes and imperfections. A slight dent in a wall, a facet that is a bit leaker than it should be, these are common occurrences in every home that has been lived-in and shouldn’t result in your house never being sold.

An empty home, however, brings all those small problems to the forefront. Because they have nothing else to focus their attention, buyers are much more apt to place their attention on these smaller issues, making them much bigger in their minds and ultimately deciding to say no.

A home that has been properly staged does not have this issue. Because the home is properly outfitted with numerous staged items, a buyer is more likely to overlook or be more understanding to the slight blemishes that all owned houses have.

What You Should Know

Though the list of benefits to staging a home is great, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some other aspects to consider. A vacant home staging can cost a fair bit of time and money depending on the quality of the materials as well as how much of the house is staged. And while many consider this a worthy investment, if you are someone that does not have a lot of available funds or the required time to ensure each room is properly staged it may be something to keep in mind.


Vacant Home Staging San Jose, CA is, without a doubt, one of the most effective methods for getting a home sold compared to merely presenting a vacant property. That said, despite its many benefits, there are some downsides as well, namely time and money. Still, if you are able to view home staging as an investment in getting your home sold more easily and quickly, there really isn’t anything that is more effective in getting a buyer to say yes.